Steroid Drugs

Growth secrets

They train too long and too often What you did at the moment, cut volume by half and raise intensity by 50 percent. Give to your body enough time for recovery. After that - you will see - it will grow!
When you came to the hall, and are going to execute, for example, squats, instead of 10 repetitions with your usual weight of 4 - 5 sets, imagine that your life hangs by a thread, and steroid drugs for rescue increase burdening, execute 15 limit, tearing a navel repetitions. After that you will not be able to make still something, but it also will not be required to you you did all work and achieved the objective.
Allow me to select one moment. When I speak about increase of level of intensity of your trainings, I speak not only about big scales I speak about levels of a stress to which muscles are exposed.
It is clear, that you should use sufficient weight to provide such stress, but if you use too big, then the muscle will not perform this work. The stress will be distributed on different areas and different muscular groups.

Tough atmosphere of the hall

My hall is in Birmingham It generally does not look if to compare it to hi-tech conditions which everywhere can be observed now It is in a building semi-basement. There it is cold and dark, and he reminds me a casemate. But exactly there at me improbable trainings turn out. There is a tough atmosphere which I adore.
Everyone who enters my hall seriously treats training. These people can be also not competing bodybuilders, but it does not matter. Here they have a readiness to give to training all best.
When I train, I cut music to the full extent! I like the heavy, stimulating rock music because it helps to join in training vigorously. Some guys prefer to carry a cassette player and to dress earphones. It - is fine. But - not for me Music should inspire me, increase quality of occupations. And anything more!

My programs

For many years I used two training programs which yielded to me excellent results. The first - the This program 1+1 when you study a half of a body in one day, then day of rest, and for the third day do work on other half of your body.
In the first day I studied a breast, a back and deltoida. In the third - legs, bicepses and tricepses. This scheme well works for the bodybuilders wishing to construct solid base of the addition.
Remain on this training program until it yields results. Many bodybuilders too often change programs in search of the magic scheme which will help them to progress quickly. But I such a miracle - schemes do not know.
Adhere to general exercises. They always were and will be the most reliable builders of mass of muscles. There is no your training need at present to execute the mass of various exercises 100 percent intensity of these programs and exercises will yield to you an excellent result.
Put 1 breast - a press lying, a press steroid drugs lying on an oblique bench (with a bar or dumbbells), a back - pullings up on a crossbeam, draft in an inclination (with a bar or a dumbbell), shoulders - a press because of the head, cultivations of hands with dumbbells costing.
Put the 2nd quadriceps - squats, presses legs, bicepses of hips - bendings of legs (lying or standing), shins - costing rises on socks, rises on socks sitting, bicepses - bendings of hands with a bar, bendings of hands with dumbbells Tricepses - presses down on the block, an ekstenziya lying with E - a Z-bar.
I adhered to such program within the first several years of my training. Also achieved very good results. As my body became stronger and more, I understood that it is necessary to add also other exercises. 
The competing bodybuilder needs it because he should not have weak places. Perhaps, you need more expressed camber of outside part of hips, and then you add gakk-squats with close knees and stupnyam Perhaps, you need to select back parts of deltoid - add cultivation with dumbbells in an inclination. All these special exercises are expected filling your weak areas and to give that balance which you need.
Now I decided to pass to other program I study a breast, tricepses and bicepses in the first day, quadriceps, bicepses of hips and a shin - in the second, a back and shoulders - in the third. In the beginning I tried the program 3+1 according to which most of professionals trains. The problem was that I could not feel recovery after work wholeheartedly to each exercise in any way. By third day I was devastated, me there was enough everything for a week, and then I understood that it is not that program which I needed I it was overtrained.

Overtraining signs

I like to train and as soon as caught overtraining signs, understood that I should change something. Some symptoms I began to get tired quickly, became irritable, uneasy and nervous, I could not relax lost sense of humour and enthusiasm, hardly concentrated.
It is important to have someone who could notice the first overtraining signs. My wife Debbie helped me with it to understand. After I thought that it is overtrained, I immediately returned to that method steroid drugs which gave recovery.